A slice of ham

Chunk of cheese

Don’t forget –

to say “please”.


A pot of tea

With half a sugar

“I’ll be just a moment”

I’m not your mother!


A long macchiato

You mean a long black?

No? Watch your tone!

Or I’ll give you a smack!


Why hello officer —

The usual I gather?

…a right to…what?

Speak up dear and dont stammer!


A broken jaw;

Bloody lip and brutal fight.

Who’d have thought

This ol’ lady would have such a strong right?



Gone, the cry of the nurtured

of minds led by divine grace.


Gone, the enlightened process of reason

the functions twisted by acquisition.


Gone, the free-spirited souls

fluttering under the canopied rooftops.


Gone, the righteous champions of the spotlight

crashing down to lay with the mortals.


All that remains; a footprint in the sand

Washed away by the rising tide.

The door.

In timeless breaths

it bites, gnaws at my soul.

Hammering at the door.


“Where is your master!”

Bellowing whilst he crawls

None withstanding, crashing upon the door.


“The master is I, and I master none!”

Shouting, raving to a score

Silent reply and silence heard only by the door.


Yet, Still I lay a-waiting

Forever abound by this droll

Crashing and rasping upon the door.