In the beginning…

…was chance

And chance said “if i roll a 5 or a 6 i will start an online blog to post random things i write”

and here we are.

The purpose of this blog is to force my behavior, i am, and will happily admit, a procrastinator. Without a clear deadline, i can put things off for eternity. So to you, my currently non-existent audience, i commit to the following…

  1. I will post some sort of content here daily, mostly unedited stream of consciousness writing, but occasionally more focused short story/book ideas
  2. I will take criticisms (and i want as many as i can get) with pride knowing that they lead to progression and improvement of writing skill

Some of the content i put up here will reflect my views and opinions, some of it will be a forced perspective created by a dice roll, some of it might be pure dribble (i suspect most of it will be)

I also am only just now learning about this web tool, so the site will evolve as i figure it out.


Edward Leeming – 12/11/2017




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