The thing with belief is that it is (objectively) concreted in the written words of others. The act of faith should be an internal feeling, or yearning, one of comfort and knowing your belief is true. This is not a religious comment, belief can relate to belief in an ideology, in a science, or a way of life.

I definitely will back 100% anyone’s desire to choose their own beliefs and values, if it provides strength, support or comfort. If anything i am jealous of devout followers. To be so assured of a truth like that would be nice.

You may have gathered i am a skeptic! It is (my belief, ironically) apparent in most pieces of writing that there is a reason for which it was written. The journalist seeking to unveil the truth around a subject or event, even though they attempt to maintain a “neutral” standpoint, there will be some degree of bias, created by either the environment, choice of camera angle, choice of sound quality, who to interview and what questions etc

All information should be scrutinised and taken with a grain of salt, despite the health implications of adding salt to everything

Let alone the implications of bias in the dominant connotation of belief, being religion. Forgoing the idea that most religious texts are edited, revised, re-written, re-distributed fairly consistently and unbeknownst to the swarming masses, i find it hard to believe that any religious text (be they written depicting an actual historic event, or a set of values to uphold) can be completely free from bias. All texts are penned by humankind and are limited by how meager our view of the universe is and by whatever desires are driving the author (avarice, deception, need for self-worship or even desire to improve the world around them) The viewpoint also changes everything.

For all we know, the bees kept by a beekeeper have a similar set of views…

And yay, at the annointed time, the very walls shook and the sky itself was blanketed by a unyielding light, the edge of the world was shifted and raised. The great one reached down, some of the non-believers stung and perished, we chosen ones did offer up the fruits of our labour to the lord, knowing that the lords favor is fickle and our honeys go with the lord to a higher place, one free of malice. In not producing the honeys our very world may be sold and up heaved, like in olden times”

~The book for bee-lievers Chapter 7 Verse 12


Edward Leeming 12/11/2017




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