A beginners guide to the destruction of the self, and what to do afterwards (I recommend a good drink)

Lets just get one thing straight, this is an attempt to widen your horizons and became multi-faceted humans capable of taking on new rolls at the drop of a hat (or the roll of a die), this is not a guide for self harm or suicide. So why do we want to destroy our sense of self?

Based off my extensive and non-existent research I have come to the conclusion that people always dream of either wanting more or being someone else “I wish I was dating that movie star, I want to be a doctor, I wish I was rich etc etc etc”, as a child we do this spontaneously and seamlessly, moving from doctor to cowboy to race car driver at a moments notice or on a whim. As we grow and mature thru the various stages of childhood to adulthood the thing we learn the most is the need to have a sense of self in comparison to the rest of the world (in fact, this is taught within the high school sector, a student is seen to have advanced when they can consider themselves in relation to the wider world around them), but what this in essence does is limit us to that notion of self, e.g. I am a 15 year old student, so therefore I cant be an astronaut, or a stock broker, or a cat.

The questions of who am I are prevalent in most culturally developed civilisations (id refer to some known philosophers but I cant be bothered) and really we haven’t figured it out yet.

So maybe we shouldn’t figure out who we are, lets just figure out who we feel like being right now.

Today i am a writer, tomorrow i am a gambler, in 10 minutes ill be drunk and inexplicably livid.

Flux is a part of life, and I don’t feel the need to tell people who I am and what I stand for (despite the objectively preachy content of this blog so far), because those things are either have internal meaning and shouldn’t have to be justified, or the language itself does not exist that could adequately explain it in any given point in time. I am whoever I feel like being at this point in time. Deal with it?

Human-kinds folly is its search for the meaning of life. If there was a unifying meaning that can relate to 7 billion people odd people (I prefer odd people, even ones are too easy to divide!), I doubt it would be recognisable in any one language, and it would frankly be unattainable or non-practical for daily life. Instead, seek to identify what you have, make the most of it ,and above all pass on a new message to the next generation.

Edward Leeming 13/11/2017


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