Idea, or just some more underhanded loaded script.

Scores of shouting filled the air, the atmosphere of the arena was akin the static electricity. As two men, pitted as mortal enemies, will decide by lethal combat their superiority. There was hopefully a clear winner, the last major event like this went for three days and both men were unable to make a resounding victory. The odd’s were different this time, the two men polar opposites in terms of physicality and ideology.

Today was election day, and everyone around the country would be cramming themselves into polling stations and seedy bars to watch the unfolding madness that is democracy. Two men, elected from committees from around the country, were to pummel each other until a clear victor was crowned. That man was worthy of ruling over the country, were strength is paramount and showing weakness to the rest of the world would only spell disaster.

I was lucky enough to have won the subjects lottery, gaining me a view of the historic fight within earshot of the ring. Barely meters away, past some layers of protective fencing and rather sturdy looking guards, the crème of society were lavishly awaiting the start of the fight. Big burly politicians, monstrous figures in army regalia ,and Amazonian ladies of the women’s rights league all were waiting on hand to foot by wait staff.

It was enough to make me want to go hit the gym and get into politics.

I am grateful for the lifestyle I get to lead though, I live in a somewhat nice part of the my sector, I am on a first name basis with my local chairman, who only occasionally threatens to beat me up if I don’t vote him in, and I generally get to eat food.

<to be fleshed out more?>

Edward Leeming 14/11/2017


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