Another idea!

Hi all!

A while ago, a wanted to write something akin to a “choose your own adventure book” (who remembers those from your childhood!) but tailored to an adult/mature audience. It was something i was passionate about, however, i found the sheer size and scope of what i wanted to do was overwhelmingly big (i estimated the finished product would of been at least 3-4 books worth). So I scrapped the idea, and put it aside for the future.

Today i thought about this old idea of mine, and had an idea.

What if i wrote a choose your own adventure style book, with my local/internet community making the choices?

Was thinking i could post a weekly blog series about it, let the readers either vote or suggest ideas for decisions the character could make, and write out the outcomes/consequences of those decisions, then post that and continue it along.

Thoughts? Comments? What do you think about this?

Leave me a comment or smash me an email if you think this could work!


Edward Leeming 14/11/2017



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