Hindsight is a powerful tool.

We’ve all heard stories designed to teach or to guide, these stories are a core component and developing children until they can figure things out for themselves. The ability to recognise and regurgitate facts and information from visual clues (the alphabet!) is one step above object permanence, and memory plays and important role as well. Stories allow us to take information learned in the past, and apply it to future events, and to develop our own ideological stances/moral codes.

Remembering events in the past gives us the ability to develop ourselves in the future, this ability of hindsight is what gives humanity a chance to grow and prosper as a society.

Today’s big event is the vote for marriage equality in Australia, to me the whole thing is a farce (i see no reason why two people cannot be identified as being in a spousal relationship, despite gender or anything else which makes us human). While it is a good step in the direction of basic human rights, the whole thing is just a re-envisioning of marriage segregation laws in the past.

During the 1750’s to the late 1840’s (roughly, i am no historian) it was illegal for citizens in England to marry partners that were not baptised. Essentially, those in power choosing that two people could not marry based upon their own religious beliefs. I cannot imagine anyone agreeing with this blatant affront of basic human rights in the current era.

Similarly, once upon a time in America, there existed anti-miscegenation laws. Essentially laws that banned the marriage of peoples between separate races for reasons of segregation and plain ol’ racism. These laws were found unconstitutional in 1967 (for more information refer to a decent google search). I also do not see how any governmental power could uphold these notions of defined rulings as to why two people cannot marry in todays world.

So why are we yet again negotiating and standing up for the rights of two people , no matter how they self-identify, in such a way. It should be a basic human right and i have no idea why its even an issue.

Lets develop some hindsight people.


Edward Leeming 15/11/2017



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