Just how many times did i use that thesaurus.

Countless worlds have been swallowed by the virtuous light.

Some of the greatest realms were engulfed, The beast realm, Hard Candy, Confused Vizier. They were ripped into the fold and forced to obey the glorified angelic armies.

It would be recounted later by historians that while the rebellion eventually overwhelmed the light with a greater darkness, its sole core was only one demon.

This demon was not a powerful demon, it did not have immense strength, wisdom or brutality, and this is how history remembers…


In a small cesspool of a world , named Sweaty Uprising (for the somewhat undesirable wafts of olfactory repulsion originating from its wildlife), in the outer reaches of the underverse, lies a cave. A small demon child lives alone, eating his finds from his last foray in the woods. This child is the youngest of five demonic siblings, and being the youngest and smallest he lived in a shabby cave away from the main lair. He had been told to return when he grew stronger, but that was decades ago. Understanding strength was easy enough, but acting on what his family called “demonic instinct” just wasn’t something that came naturally to Bort.  Life in this cave was certainly easier then at the main household, Bort did not have to ravage the local farmlands for his food and did not have to fight for dominance (a fight he never won) for seating for the amusement of mother.

Bort had something no other demon would admit to having, restraint and compassion. While this was omitted from the history books, those who knew him after the great struggle would recount how un-demonic he seemed, and how it slowly won over the otherwise selfish populace in the demon realms.

At this stage of history, only a small number of worlds had been swallowed by the virtuous light. Rumors had spread that this included one of the most powerful worlds in the underverse, Dark Cauldron. It was upon hearing of this that the denizens of Sweaty Uprising were forming an army and drafting was occurring far and wide to build this army. Bort was considered weak and was not deemed useful enough to forcefully enlist in the army, but his siblings were some of the strongest in the realm

<Editors note: I quite like the idea of doing a story about the “bad guys” being good and the “good guys” being bad, this was something i wrote today for some fun, but i might flesh it out more>

Edward Leeming 16/11/2017



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