A continuation of what i done wrote yesterday.

I watched the procession of soldiers proceeding my father’s lawyer. There can only be two reasons this letch has come to see me, either the old man intends to re-marry to expand some chunk of his assets, or he finally succumbed to one of the various death threats he receives on a regular basis. If its the latter, its about time, the old man had already pushed his age well past a normal humans lifetime.

Either way, i have no intention of involving myself, it was hard enough making a living in this conflicted realm with the last name of Nicholson. I can usually hide it from the average folk long enough to acquire lodging and food, but the second i try to prentice myself onto someone of power they see right my shallow disguises. Without the means to learn how to control my talent, i can only perform minor illusions or smaller spells that amount to little.

With the amount of manpower they have it would take a matter of seconds to smash open this old shacks door and rip me from its insides. I have no intention of damaging this property, its been my place of lodging for several months now and i do not wish ill towards its legal owner. The owner even let me practice my spells, which resulted in only minor injury to myself and damage to a nearby fence. I decided to get it over with and would meet the lawyer before he could knock on my door.

Hopefully my interactions with this scum of a pawn of my father will be short-lived and brief.

As i walked towards him, the man loosed his cloak and donned the smile of a soulless puppet. Without a greeting he handed me a binder with a dimly humming scroll folded inside it. I opened it up and it the scroll began speaking the following…

“Brant Nicholson, CEO of NIc-Corp passed away during a banquet with his closest board members, of purposes and devices unknown. It is requested that his son, Stan Nicholson, take upon his noble mantle the burdens of leadership, and take Nic-Corp into a profitable future”

These is a little note tacked onto the side, in what looks like my fathers writing, going by the fact it is barely legible

“Son, forget about the whole magic thing and get yourself a real job”

He clearly had time to push that old argument onto me again before kicking the bucket.

Attached to all this was a contract, the only thing slightly magical allowed in my family. I am not an expert on contract magic but i know not to sign up until i completely understand the entirely of the spell, some of the strongest and most powerful in the world have lost everything to a cunningly written contract. I would need to get a neutral third party to look it over with me as well, perhaps even someone i trusted (only one or two people come to mind)


… (may continue writing this one tomorrow!)

Edward Leeming 18/11/2017

For the first part of this story idea, see link below

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