The dice told me to write about the dice, so here we go.

Isn’t this a self-aware piece of writing I am about to do.

Some of you may be aware that I am a diceman, others may have some insight into what this means, and a select few may have emotionally crushed by the roll of the dice.

At least those of you who have played and lost at the game of craps.

In essence, being a diceman is about striving to see other options in everyday decisions. Instead of doing what “one” feels is natural (based upon your own form of logic or internal thinking) I instead think “what else” and ask myself this 5 times. That gives me 6 options and i then roll a dice to see which of those options i carry out.

So here is the thing. Most of the time the things i do as a result of this option are negative. Take a simple everyday decision, such as “I need to go to the bathroom”, the average sane person would do just that, your body is telling you of the urgency of emptying your bladder and you do that at the nearest convenient and socially acceptable location (In Australia this includes the left rear tyre of your car, legally speaking). The diceperson on the other hand might do one of the following… 1. Go to the toilet 2. Drink 5 coffee’s and see how long they can last 3. Only allow myself to use the bathroom if i can do so by knocking on stranger’s doors until someone lets me use theirs 4. Have a nap instead of peeing 5. Only pee on the condition that i can plank continuously for 90 seconds 6. Pee in a jar and throw it at someone. You may notice that only 1 in 6 of these options is positive (maybe 2) because it really isn’t easy thinking of positive other options apart from the natural thing you want to do.

BUT here is the thing, this system also applies to things like goal setting, or behaviour, or where to go on holiday. The overarching theme is to push your comfort zones, so eventually you don’t need the dice to do crazy new and interesting experiences.

The other important aspect of being a diceman (or being human, as this is perhaps my own ideology speaking here) is accepting that all experiences are inherently positive even if logically they are negative. Drinking 5 coffee’s instead of going for a piss leads to, at the very least, a lesson in not abusing your bladder, and even improved work efficiency (its really hard to not want to get everything done immediately when your full of coffee).

Instead of going to your favourite restaurant and ordering your favourite food, walk 20 minutes in a random direction and find the nearest eatery, it could become your new favourite.

Anyway, so here was some insight into the current Ed’s way of thinking



Edward Leeming 27/11/2017


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