Unfiltered content.

I spent 15 minutes holding a cup of tea and unaware of my surrounding, i think i may of passed out whilst awake.

Did you know that if a hummingbird was the size of an elephant its wing beats would create sonic bursts capable of cracking or destroying most buildings.

Well you shouldn’t because i just made that up.

I sit here, after having consumed several ciders and having worked for literally more then half the day, unable to conceive of any good (new) story ideas, and being too lazy/lacking in functioning brain capacity to improve upon or continue writing one of my existing posts.

Here is an idea.

I would like to settle an argument. Any argument. Post a comment or send me an email with any subject and i will form some sort of opinion one way or the other, depending on a dice roll, and i will post the results on the website!

Tired, thats all folks

Edward Leeming 27/11/2017


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