Fragmented (consider revising)

Hi guys!

I wanted to touch base with you all on why I started this blog.

Up until recently, I generally only wrote for my own pleasure, no real purpose just doing it for a bit of fun. This is still true today and I have no intention of changing that any time soon.


As my writing has only ever been for myself, there are habits that have developed and a particular writing style that naturally has sprung about.

Frankly, it is stop start-ish and rough, not ideal and not necessarily useful for communicating my ideas.

So I started this blog, I want to test out different writing styles and subject matters. More importantly, if this is my writing style that I end up adopting as my own, I would like it to be the best it can be, and to be able to communicate my ideas as effectively as i can.

So… what I would like…. is for you all to be harsh.

Tell me, do I, like, use too many commas?

Was my use of language…needlessly verbose? To the point of arrogance? Unnaturally so?

Is my story bland…characters one-dimensional… plot points cliche?

Did you like what you read…why?What part of it, was it how it was written or how it was communicated?

I understand that my current audience is not published writers or grammarians, and no matter how I write I would not want my target audience to only be such a group.

Commenting on my blog posts is easy, and do not be afraid to be harsh or critical of what you read… its what I crave… like a masochist.


Edward Leeming 7/12/2017


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