What does chaos say about the system?

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Good evening.

Almost all systems will inevitable create the conditions for the breakage (chaos) of that system, or at least an attempt to do so will naturally occur within some framework of time.


Even a glitch in a system can create the conditions to improve and fix that system.

Like any binary opposite, Chaos and Order need each other to co-exist. In a world stifled and completely ordered, there is no ability to adapt to new scenarios (uncontrollable factors like weather, meteors etc). Without chaos a system cannot improve.

Lets take parking a car.

At a somewhat young age, we are taught that when parking your car you park in the lines. Hell this is a general rule taught at an even younger age (looking at you colouring in books “colour inside the lines”).

Knowing that any system will inevitable sow the seeds for chaos, a car parks over two bays. This breaks that parking system, as other users cannot use those bays, and it all falls apart.

But let me ask you, is this the users fault or the systems fault?

My neighbour that parks next to my bay at my unit complex always parks right on the line. According to the system, he is following its rules. But it results in me having to park right up the my line, pushing the next car further to the right (and so forth)

This system is clearly not working for my unit complex.

But what if instead of being taught to park in the lines, we were all taught from a young age to park 30cm* away from the car next to you. No lines on the road in parking bays, just make sure you are 30 centimetres away from the closest car. Hypothetically, if this was an established rule and 99% of drivers were following it, everyone would park just fine with no grievances. That 1% that chooses to park how it feels like won’t affect the rest, because they would just park 30 centimetres away from it on either side.


So when you are struggling with working in system, feel that it is not working as it should. Try to poke some chaos in there. See what happens and try to improve it.

For without chaos, order would be impossible.


*This distance is not an important point, I picked something at random, but maybe 30 may be to close or may be too far.



Its all shits and giggle until someone giggles and shits.

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Language usage is important. I have argued over the use of the Oxford comma* with many a clueless punter, intellectual semantic jousters, and friend alike. I have brashly and immodestly corrected too many people over the difference between abbreviations and an initialism (something which does not blow their minds, to which I am most confused). The order and grammar of our sentences can change how our sentences are interpreted.

In verbal communication, pauses and commas are implied, so a sentence such as…

I helped my Uncle Jack off his horse.

Seems more then innocent and doesn’t require any adjustment.

But… implied pauses can create confusion, and the pace of the spoken sentence can imply more then intended. To illustrate here is the sentence with different grammar use

I helped my Uncle…jack off his horse.

A simple pause changes the whole content of the message.

In the title I have given an example of how correctly ordering our words and sentences can severely change the meaning of that communication. Now don’t get me wrong, naturally most English speakers will tend to be able to order their sentences correctly, but those learning English, especially those that frame their grammar or subject/verb in a different way. So consider your grammar use, pay heed to your pauses in verbal communication, and lets all get along 🙂


*take this sentence.

We invited two strippers, Trump , and Obama.


We invited two strippers, Trump and Obama.

Isn’t grammar fun?

Wood for sheep?

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Good morning,

This whole post could go one or many ways, so much so in fact I wrote a list.

  1. Game review of Settlers of Catan*
  2. Irresponsibly placed sexual innuendo towards a country
  3. Social commentary about communicating with the masses
  4. Historical information about humankinds domestication of sheep and other animals that failed to meet the cut (literally?)**
  5. Poetry
  6. An excuse to explain dicemanship

To place this list into more context. I have a wonderful friend (who by definition should contain easy to prepare snacks and sandwiches (and probably at some point, don’t we all?)) who does dabble in the ways of dice. Based on observations, he has not made quite so many “life-changing” decisions as I have, though I believe he has made a career decision by a roll of the dice, which is highly commendable. He has and always will ask me for “wood for sheep”. Its funny and I highly appreciate him everytime he says it.

Contrary to your initial thoughts, a diceman is not a caped crusader who fights off mobsters with steel plated die. A diceman(person) is someone who see’s possibilities and endless opportunities in every decision.

I have given you all an example of how a diceperson makes a decision. If “I” am completely honest, i wanted the dice to roll a three. I quite liked the idea of writing about tailoring communication to the masses, I could discuss meme culture, language destruction, marketing and all sorts of fun things. However, the dice fell on a 6, and here I am explaining my decision making processes.

Here is the thing, part of me wanted to do any one of the things on the list. The “main” me wanted it to be a three, but all of it was something “I” wanted to do.

Give it a try next time you go to a restaurant. When your looking at the menu, first decide what you would like. Then pick 5 other things (at random, as other choices, what ever you like). Then roll a 6 sided dice (if there is none available, there are many dice rolling websites or apps available from your smartphone). Then order whatever it has decided. Did you get the vegetarian option? Did you get something you had always wanted to try but normally couldn’t go past your “favourite”. Enjoy your new experience (hopefully)

Now apply this to…

  1. Your mood
  2. your holiday destinations
  3. your fashion sense

etc etc

If you do try this, leave me a comment about your experiences! Or if you already are or know a diceman, i’d love to hear from you!

Likes and shares would be lovely as well!

Thanks again!


*spelling corrected this to Satan, would you play Settlers of Satan? I would.

**I’m looking at you zebra, you crazy almost horse.

Who am I?

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Who am I?

I can smell and make noise but have neither a nose nor mouth

I am the target of many jokes, nay the very subject.

My self and my product are often confused with holes and heads respectively.

Everyone has me, but many love me and most of the world fears having me.

As i get older, my beauty becomes less about image and more about function.

Culturally, they say with size comes an inherent honesty.

Who am I?


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Tell me friends, how many of you have heard of Exponentialism?

Perhaps, like me, you thought it was something relating to arts criticism, or literary theory.

Perhaps, you knew what it was, and are here on this blog to seek more information.

Exponentialism, in a nutshell, is a philosophy that deals with how the human condition reacts and changes to the ever expanding changes that occur. It was coined in by Alexandre Fuchs (thanks google)

Here is how I relate it. In just my lifetime (I’m old, but certainly not too old, and definately still a “millenial” by googles defined start date of 1981) I have experienced having a TV that had to be controlled via dial/switches, to being able to stream and watch any tv show I desire, in bed, on a mobile phone (and then order pizza, have someone deliver it to my door, pay with said phone etc). Hell the world is on the verge (or beginnings) of AI. GMO’s are allowing plants to produce plants resistant to insect attack, immune to weed killers. Within the next generation genetic splicing and so much more will be a possibility.

Compare this to early humanity. It took humanity approximately 1,500 years between the domestication of sheep to the domestication of cattle. 12,000 years ago, the first city came into existence (Jericho? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_human_prehistory) from here it took a further 3,000 years to improve agriculture techniques and begin using barley, wheat etc.

We went from it taking thousands of years to figure out how the hell we can track the days of the years without losing chunks of days every couple of years (thanks Gregorian calendar for that spot fix by the way, we are only slightly off now) to within decades discovering a bunch of planets (initially thought as planets, soon to be named the asteroid belt) to different galaxies, dwarf stars, black holes, supernovas, comets, nearby sustainable “Goldilocks zone” planets. Soon dark energy may pave the way for discovering even more wondrous and amazing things within the next couple of decades. The rate of growth is completely phenomenal, and how we adapt to these changes without losing our minds is a testament to the strength of all of us.

Exponentialism is certainly a thing, and the peoples of today are certainly expected to adapt in previously unforeseen ways. How will we adapt to the continued stimuli, technologies and advancements being thrust upon us in such a relatively short period of time? As population growth begins to reach the peak of its exponential growth, will our ability to adapt to new environments help us reach new plateaus of existence?

Or will we reach the next world-wide apocalyptic event and dribble out of history?

Only time will tell.

How capitalism will rip apart the west, and how you can be prepared for equality.

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Hi there, Dimitri here. I wish to impart with you some fun facts about capitalism

1.It inspires people to achieve at the cost of everyone else

Capitalism favour the innovative and business savvy. Only those with cutthroat (not the pirates!) business acumen get to be rich. What if you only good at making pottery? Capitalism spit you out unless you lucky.

2. Capitalism destroys art.

Why make mona lisa when you can make 15 minute letsplay video and make big bucks? Why make beautiful snow covered landscapes when a photo can tell a thousands words?

2. Capitalism only make the poor poorer and the rich richer.

Poor only wish to eat delicious food and live to see Final Fantasy 7 remake. Rich have so much money they have to spend it on useless things just so they don’t have to carry around their money. Rich can pay those with the right business smarts to keep making them money, and their kids money, its an endless cycle for them. While the poor, who cannot afford to send kids to college, have to make do with Holden commodore rather then Porsche like they want to have.

What solution? Treat all the same. Rich get bread, but so do all else.

We are all people right? Lets all be equally people, and have no “some more equal then others”


(In response to my impromptu facebook survey requesting random writing prompts. More to come tomorrow!)

-Edward Leeming


Hi guys!

So i just posted my 50th post on the blog, and I wanted to look back and see how things have been going and to set up some new goals.

Firstly, I made a promise to myself when I started this site that I would post daily. After some reflection, I’m still pretty happy with this kind of deadline, but there were days that I posted for posting sake. I’m going to change the promise to “write everyday at least something of meaning”. Some, and hopefully most, of this will get put up on the blog, but I also have started writing a book (still early stages) which I can’t post online. I will still be posting up stuff here frequently, as I very much enjoy doing so 🙂

Secondly, thank you all for your views, likes and follows! I’m still just starting, but after all this time I still crave feedback and criticisms. If any of you like what you read, I would love it if you shared it on your social media and spread the word about my site and works. The more eyes looking at my content the more broad an audience I get which can only improve my writings skills.

Finally, here are some of my favourite posts so far, in no particular order.

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If you havn’t already, check out my earlier posts too.

If you have any feedback on my content, the site (design choices or ease of use) or anything please feel free to comment. I would love the opportunity to grow!

Thanks again!

Ed 🙂