Something i found in an old scrapbook

In a town was a man, and in the man was the self. The self looked at the man, and smiled coyly, knowing full well the man could never catch the self, nor could he ever comprehend the meaning of that smile.

Before this, the self looked in a mirror, and saw the ego. The ego looked indifferently back, not caring to acknowledge or seek to understand the self. The self showed clear signs of annoyance.

Upon the pedestal, the ego looked at his kingdom. Reigning above it all and seeing all that the eyes may see. From lofty castle to lowly cavern ego could see. Beneath all this ego dared not look, for Id resides there, and where Id stays and goes, so too will chaos prosper.

Finally Id did not look nor comprehend the castles, caverns, kingdoms or mirrors of man, for Id had only desires and no object permanence. Id only saw now, and did not seek to see past now, as that was also now.


Edward Leeming 4/01/2018 (written at some point in my past)


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