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A bell sounds, the work day commences. Three vials are dispensed from three different tubes above my cubicle. A test day. Most the time in this situation all you get is food dye in sugar water. Sometimes, and rarely, you’ll become nauseously sick. This was work, and most of the people of the robot controlled city of Bliss worked in this way, or in physical testing labs.

At least we called it work. I’d say we were closer to lab mice then humans. At least we were fed and on occasion you’d hear of someone having a positive reaction to a new drug. Something unexpected, longer lifespans, super strength or some other ability. Those few were taken away and never seen again. I imagine they were living a life of luxury among the wealthy or elite of this world.

Maybe they even had a name, and a life.

I had delayed taking a sample too long and a voice boomed over the rooms speakers

“H-17 please take a sample for testing, failure to comply will result in deletion”

They were all red, though one seemed to have a glow to it. Yep, avoid that one, it looks like death. I took the one on the left as i watched the rest of my colleagues suffering the after affects of their samples. Some sat looking at the roof, one man to my left head rolled back and foam spewed from his nostrils.

Trying not to think about it I quaffed my sample.

The affect is instantaneous; my muscles tense, heart flutters and my brain flares into life. I can see visions, worlds endlessly filling my vision. I can see myself in myself, watching myself while I observe the reactions of my self.

Seconds pass like days and nothing seems to fit anywhere anymore…

Then it finishes, I look around, the visions fade. I am back in reality…

And a bell sounds again.


Edward Leeming 4/01/2018


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