Information sought!

Hi there!


I am seeking information about how everyday people could make use of dice.

For context, here is a quick summary of what I mean by making use of dice.


In decision making, typically most individuals will weigh up their options, and generally pick an option that has the most positives, being your “best” decision after all. Using a dice, when one has a situation that requires a decision, instead of following your “best” decision, write down 5 other things you could do, they can be anything either positive or negative. Then once you have your 6 options (“best” + 5 other options) label each decision 1 to 6, then roll a 6 sided dice and follow thru that option. The idea being, doing what you normally would not do provides the opportunity to broaden your scope, gain new experiences and (hopefully) learn a bit more about yourself.

There is much more to it then that, but this is not the time to explain it (if your interested read “the dice man” by Luke Rhinehart).

So, the questions

  1. How could you use the dice in your place of work/profession/hobbies?
  2. What would the possible benefits/risks be for using dice in your place of work/profession/hobbies?
  3. Any other thoughts around dice use in everyday life?

If your interested in providing any information about this, send me thru an email, I promise to respond when I can. Otherwise if you like post a comment and we can discuss 🙂

Full disclosure, this is research for an idea for a book I had, though I only had this idea extremely recently and this is just some initial research. If I do end up writing a full book, I will let you know if i used your content, and certainly will be very thankful!

Thankyou very much

Edward Leeming 09/01/2018


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