My top 5 customer service tips

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Good evening readers!

I do hope you are all having an amazing day/night.

When I am not penning ink to paper or text to pc I work in the retail environment. It is surprising how difficult some people find providing good customer service, the word prompt today sparked some recognition in my customer service persona (I frequently use the word ‘brilliant’ at work) so here are my top 5 tricks to providing exceptional customer service.

1. Never tell anyone you are having a good day today

There is a whole repertoire, an abundance, a plethora of magnificent words that you can use to describe how you feel. Your customers don’t need to know how you ACTUALLY feel, but when they ask simply saying “I’m amazing thank you for asking” in a energetic tone certainly makes all the difference. Try to use different words for each customers (i swear some of my customers are going to buy me a thesaurus because they tease me if i don’t mix it up enough), or have a funny quirk that brings them back to you (for me, when they tell me to have a great day, I say “I intend to” and it often gets a chuckle). Who knows you might even start the believe yourself.

2. Eye contact!

Not too little and not too much. I get your trying to figure out if that cute customer has teal or turquoise eyes but eye contact while greeting and saying goodbye is usually enough, until you at least know your customers names and familiarize yourself with them.

3. Surprisingly, you and your customers are human.

So treat them as such! They may not need to know why there has been a delay, but they will appreciate an apology. If you see someone struggling carrying something or needing assistance whether it is your job or not, you should help them. The world would be a better place if more people helped each other.

4.  Learn your customers name, order, patterns etc

Back when I worked at a shop in a shopping centre (at my old job), the lady who worked in the cafe nearby would start making my coffee when she saw me walking past to start work. Did it make me choose that cafe over others? Absolutely. Did I necessarily feel like a coffee every day? Not especially. Would I have it and buy it because she cared enough to notice me arriving and thought I would like a coffee? Absolutely.

5. Body language speaks more then anything you can say

For your own ergonomic pleasure, refrain from slouching. For your customers pleasure, a decent smile and open body language goes a long way! This means no crossed arms, hands on hips or other “protective” stances. Facial expressions reveal a lot and if you look like your in a waiting room then your customers will be able to tell.


What are your thoughts? If you have worked in retail what are your secrets to success? Any stories? Leave a comment to discuss 🙂





2 thoughts on “My top 5 customer service tips

  1. I like your tips, my system isn’t that different.

    My approach is the same for most people, the secret is to be totally disingenuous while being engaging enough to make people think you are listening.

    Person: How are you today?

    Answer: Yeah not bad, how about you?
    You have not giving away anything at all, you haven’t said you have a bad day or a good day or anything, it’s enough of a response for the person to feel good for asking with out actually hearing anything of substance at all.

    Person: I am having trouble with X.

    Answer: Well that’s never good news.
    Again, you have said literally nothing of substance while getting the information you need. You haven’t made them feel bad or like they made mistakes, just that you heard them.

    Person: What are your plans for the rest of the day?

    Answer: No solid plans, just letting the day flow.
    Once more, you have provided no substance yet the person feels like they know what you are doing.

    Isn’t it great how we all just believe what ever the hell we want?


    • I do like a certain degree of ambiguity in my conversations with customers. I can certainly agree with that! We all certainly believe what we want and hear what we want, hopefully its one that leaves a positive lasting impression 🙂


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