Midnight thoughts

Its 12:20am, I was in bed unable to sleep, doing exactly what everyone who complains about lack of sleep does (scrolling down on facebook, generally faffing around) when i saw a post about political correctness.

So now, having given up on sleeping for at least for the next 45 minutes or so I am going to provide some views (mine or the dice’s?) on political correctness and why it doesn’t make sense.

So firstly, in no way am I suggesting that the use of derogatory labels, verbal language or other forms of communication is acceptable. If your use of language is internally perceived as negative I do not think it correct that you call others by something you see as negative. Likewise, if you call someone by something they perceive as negative then that is also not ok (which is a normal societal behavior for any given human).

So on to the political correctness. It is defined as

“the avoidance of forms of expression or action that are perceived to exclude, marginalize, or insult groups of people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against” (Thanks google)

In my interpretation of that, the speaker has seen a human being (one that is “socially disadvantaged or discriminated against”), gone to communicate in their normal manner, but has then avoided their usual expressions in favor of some abstract label that society has deemed satisfactory. By treating “certain groups” differently by holding back your communication you actively choose to isolate them from your “normal” interactions.

If that isn’t discriminating against another human being then tie me to a mast and call me Charlie.

Perhaps, and I wouldn’t want to rock the boat too much here, instead of following an abstract label perhaps we could try calling people by their names? Treating each and every human in the same manner? If someone is struggling whether they are missing a leg, can’t speak English,have some sort of intellectual difficulty, or are just another person don’t you think you should help? Talk to them the same? I mean after all, we are all roughly comprised of Water (35 L), Carbon (20 kg), Ammonia (4 L), Lime (1.5 kg), Phosphorous (800 g), Salt (250 g), Saltpeter (100 g), Sulfur (80 g), Fluorine (7.5 g), Iron (5 g), Silicon (3 g) and fifteen traces of other elements (Thanks Full Metal Alchemist, though not factually accurate)

And if worldwide political correctness has not been fixed by this blog, I no longer wish to be called Edward or a Man (or whatever label you would like to affix to me), from now on call me a chance-disadvantaged multi-faceted person. Thankyou.

and here is hoping now that this has been communicated I can get some sleep đŸ™‚


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