My three key strategies for happiness

The pursuit of happiness is not just a wonderful Will Smith movie. I would like to think everyone, in some capacity seeks it and would prefer happiness over the alternatives.


Here are three strategies (or viewpoints) that I think works for me, whether it works for you is all up to your interpretation.


1. Appreciate what you have.

Now I get it, some of you might give me the line “your one of the lucky ones”, while comparatively I certainly am, if you are able to read this you too are one of the lucky ones. I often get asked at work “How are you so chipper and happy?”, and my usual response is “Because I woke up today” or “My lungs are still giving me oxygen”. It might be cliché to say it, but everyday you wake up and continue living is a blessing and if you set your “base line” happiness at appreciating the gift of life, then everything else is a bonus.


2. Build a system of life review into your patterns.

Reflection is key to creating change in your life and patterns. All joking aside, if you can’t spend time reviewing your actions, considering your objectives and possible activities you can do to help achieve your objectives, then your waiting for chance occurrence to elicit change in your situation. I am a strong believer in weekly reflection time and setting some degree of long term goals (I generally go down to the local park, sit by the river with a notepad and just bullet point or write what feels natural). Once you can reflect on yourself, setting realistic and fulfilling goals becomes much easier, and figuring out the best way to get there much more attainable.


3. Make no excuses, if you want something, pursue it.

Humanity has achieved a great number of unimaginable things. Once upon a time, flight was a passion project, space travel was but the dreams of the future. If you want to create change, only you can do this. If you let others tell you what you want or how to be happy (note the ironic nature of this blog) then you won’t know what makes you happy. Figure out what you want and once you can see your objective you can pursue it. If humanity can conquer gravity with enough determination you can achieve whatever you desire.

Want to write that book? Start it, plan for it, work to the plan

Want to travel the world? Figure out how much it will cost, make a saving plan, start today.

Hesitation is just another excuse and fearing failure can be avoided if you understand that every experience is just another stepping stone towards your goals.


What are some of your strategies for seeking happiness?

Lets discuss 🙂


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