An endless cycle of infinite scale

a snake eats its own tail

no end creates no beginning

thus nameless, I went with Robb or Ross.


Robb or Ross did not know time

like the ant knows not the clime

seasons pass by in a flicker

a groundhog left its hole.


Its shadow did it see

it did not leave, and nor did he

from bed he watched times endless march

until his clock and he were as dust.


The dust fed the earth and became so much more

layered and layered it went closer to the core

until ages passed by as a blink

times passage and earths pressure made it to oil.


Dragged from the comfort of the deep

Robb or ross still did everlastingly sleep

he was used to fuel an electric generator

and unbeknownst to he, was spent in a week.


Consider not the endless walk of chronos

it stays its madness, instead be like the moss

stay firm to your foundation, be in the now

to compare anything to the infinite will always be for naught.




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