Planned Spontaneity

My best plans are ones I lay down in the moments.

Planned spontaneity is a difficult thing to achieve in earnest. The two concepts do not mesh well together, you either plan and do that plan, or you do what comes natural or on impulse and have a good time. The two belong in a binary opposition*

How do I achieve planned spontaneity? I use my trusty dice. I like to start this from Perth train station (though I do mix it up, it just easier transport wise is to start here). Write down 6 train stations (out of the 40 odd choices) and roll my die. I then travel to that train station and pick a random direction and walk until I find a place of interest, and experience what is on offer there. Sometimes this is extremely mundane, at times I have found myself arriving at a train station to find basically nothing in the vicinity **. On my last attempt to do this, I ended up at a pub, convincing a generic suit guy (Brett was his name from memory) about the validity of particular stock options (I know nothing of stock values or stockbroking)

But is this planned spontaneity? Can you argue that some part of me wanted to do those new experiences and that it wasn’t spontaneous at all? Perhaps.

In that case, if you reach far enough into your ego or you id, can anything be said to be spontaneous? After all, our actions are simply the result of environment and internal indoctrination?

Or not?

Well, at least I enjoyed myself whilst doing it, and isn’t that the important part?




*Will consider doing a more intellectual blog about post-structuralism at a later stage, if the dice allows.

**though on one such occasion, my “place of interest” ended up being door knocking at random peoples houses and attempting to convert them to the church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, which resulted in some fairly heated and interesting conversations.

via Daily Prompt: Strategy


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