Dominant personality syndrome

DPS (dominant personality syndrome) is something you would not of heard discussed around your dining room table. In fact I know this for certain, as I just completely made it up.

But I think it could be a real thing, and here is what it is.

DPS is a condition wherein the sufferer always acts as they see fit, following their own moral/ethical/intellectual/spiritual/etc code and being “themselves”. Sound familiar? Some may call this being “human” but I strongly believe that always following your specific rules of behavior has a detrimental affect on your capacity to grow and change as a person.For example; I consider myself to be contextually talkative (may discuss this at another stage) and I like to jump in and say what I feel like when it behooves me. This would be a dominant personality of mine. If I follow my dominant self I will remain talkative and not experience the benefits of being quiet, obnoxious or annoying (there is learning from all behaviours, albeit sometimes of a negative nature)

It is not necessarily a negative thing to have a dominant personality, though it is certainly a limiting factor. Experiencing the world as only the one type of person is restricting, and seeing other perspectives and acting upon them allows for a much more broad view of the world.

In fighting my own symptoms of DPS, I like to force certain emotions or behaviours onto myself in different scenarios. I make myself grieve over the completion of a shower, pursue joy at the idea of stubbing my toe on a coffee table, or feel excited to visit the department of motor vehicles. Behaving differently to what my “self” wishes and experiencing them in another way has helped broaden my view and allow me to grow as a human being.





via Daily Prompt: Dominant


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