“I am a box, visualize opening myself and viewing whats on the inside.”

“A box is easy to open, let the contents fall onto the ground”

“Let hate, let stress, let trauma all fall onto the ground, look at it, but do not put it back in the box.”

“Ignore the impulse to destroy the box, it is precious and fragile. Do not damage the box!”

This was my third time at the therapy centre. I was getting good at following the visualization exercises, they did it to calm me down, and if I wasn’t already meticulously calm then it would of helped. The caretaker was a young man in his early twenties. He was probably just out of tafe and was seemed interested enough in psychology to probably go to university next. He did not deserve what happened to him, nor did the last one, but until they could stop me, it would continue to happen. I was invincible and no-one even knew it yet.

You see, I am a psychopath. Emphatically aware of this, unable to stop the impulse to main and hurt, but also too aware to every get caught. They had me taking these community centers for social anxiety. It was so easy to get in, I just told my boss that I was afraid to talk to my co-workers, and that it made me stress out.

After that it was easy enough to get into their personal files, track down their address, wait 3 months for them to pass whatever files they were onto to the next person, and visit them in the night. Those were the days.

But i’m sure you don’t want to hear about that. Because this is the story of how, after thwarting the police, ASIO and other government bodies for over 9 years, I was finally apprehended and locked in jail. This is the story of the struggle between myself, the ex-boyfriend of one of my victims, and the law-makers who let it all happen.


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