How capitalism will rip apart the west, and how you can be prepared for equality.

via impromptu social media survey


Hi there, Dimitri here. I wish to impart with you some fun facts about capitalism

1.It inspires people to achieve at the cost of everyone else

Capitalism favour the innovative and business savvy. Only those with cutthroat (not the pirates!) business acumen get to be rich. What if you only good at making pottery? Capitalism spit you out unless you lucky.

2. Capitalism destroys art.

Why make mona lisa when you can make 15 minute letsplay video and make big bucks? Why make beautiful snow covered landscapes when a photo can tell a thousands words?

2. Capitalism only make the poor poorer and the rich richer.

Poor only wish to eat delicious food and live to see Final Fantasy 7 remake. Rich have so much money they have to spend it on useless things just so they don’t have to carry around their money. Rich can pay those with the right business smarts to keep making them money, and their kids money, its an endless cycle for them. While the poor, who cannot afford to send kids to college, have to make do with Holden commodore rather then Porsche like they want to have.

What solution? Treat all the same. Rich get bread, but so do all else.

We are all people right? Lets all be equally people, and have no “some more equal then others”


(In response to my impromptu facebook survey requesting random writing prompts. More to come tomorrow!)

-Edward Leeming


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