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Tell me friends, how many of you have heard of Exponentialism?

Perhaps, like me, you thought it was something relating to arts criticism, or literary theory.

Perhaps, you knew what it was, and are here on this blog to seek more information.

Exponentialism, in a nutshell, is a philosophy that deals with how the human condition reacts and changes to the ever expanding changes that occur. It was coined in by Alexandre Fuchs (thanks google)

Here is how I relate it. In just my lifetime (I’m old, but certainly not too old, and definately still a “millenial” by googles defined start date of 1981) I have experienced having a TV that had to be controlled via dial/switches, to being able to stream and watch any tv show I desire, in bed, on a mobile phone (and then order pizza, have someone deliver it to my door, pay with said phone etc). Hell the world is on the verge (or beginnings) of AI. GMO’s are allowing plants to produce plants resistant to insect attack, immune to weed killers. Within the next generation genetic splicing and so much more will be a possibility.

Compare this to early humanity. It took humanity approximately 1,500 years between the domestication of sheep to the domestication of cattle. 12,000 years ago, the first city came into existence (Jericho? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_human_prehistory) from here it took a further 3,000 years to improve agriculture techniques and begin using barley, wheat etc.

We went from it taking thousands of years to figure out how the hell we can track the days of the years without losing chunks of days every couple of years (thanks Gregorian calendar for that spot fix by the way, we are only slightly off now) to within decades discovering a bunch of planets (initially thought as planets, soon to be named the asteroid belt) to different galaxies, dwarf stars, black holes, supernovas, comets, nearby sustainable “Goldilocks zone” planets. Soon dark energy may pave the way for discovering even more wondrous and amazing things within the next couple of decades. The rate of growth is completely phenomenal, and how we adapt to these changes without losing our minds is a testament to the strength of all of us.

Exponentialism is certainly a thing, and the peoples of today are certainly expected to adapt in previously unforeseen ways. How will we adapt to the continued stimuli, technologies and advancements being thrust upon us in such a relatively short period of time? As population growth begins to reach the peak of its exponential growth, will our ability to adapt to new environments help us reach new plateaus of existence?

Or will we reach the next world-wide apocalyptic event and dribble out of history?

Only time will tell.


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