Its all shits and giggle until someone giggles and shits.

via impromptu social media survey

Language usage is important. I have argued over the use of the Oxford comma* with many a clueless punter, intellectual semantic jousters, and friend alike. I have brashly and immodestly corrected too many people over the difference between abbreviations and an initialism (something which does not blow their minds, to which I am most confused). The order and grammar of our sentences can change how our sentences are interpreted.

In verbal communication, pauses and commas are implied, so a sentence such as…

I helped my Uncle Jack off his horse.

Seems more then innocent and doesn’t require any adjustment.

But… implied pauses can create confusion, and the pace of the spoken sentence can imply more then intended. To illustrate here is the sentence with different grammar use

I helped my Uncle…jack off his horse.

A simple pause changes the whole content of the message.

In the title I have given an example of how correctly ordering our words and sentences can severely change the meaning of that communication. Now don’t get me wrong, naturally most English speakers will tend to be able to order their sentences correctly, but those learning English, especially those that frame their grammar or subject/verb in a different way. So consider your grammar use, pay heed to your pauses in verbal communication, and lets all get along 🙂


*take this sentence.

We invited two strippers, Trump , and Obama.


We invited two strippers, Trump and Obama.

Isn’t grammar fun?


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