Wood for sheep?

via impromptu social media survey

Good morning,

This whole post could go one or many ways, so much so in fact I wrote a list.

  1. Game review of Settlers of Catan*
  2. Irresponsibly placed sexual innuendo towards a country
  3. Social commentary about communicating with the masses
  4. Historical information about humankinds domestication of sheep and other animals that failed to meet the cut (literally?)**
  5. Poetry
  6. An excuse to explain dicemanship

To place this list into more context. I have a wonderful friend (who by definition should contain easy to prepare snacks and sandwiches (and probably at some point, don’t we all?)) who does dabble in the ways of dice. Based on observations, he has not made quite so many “life-changing” decisions as I have, though I believe he has made a career decision by a roll of the dice, which is highly commendable. He has and always will ask me for “wood for sheep”. Its funny and I highly appreciate him everytime he says it.

Contrary to your initial thoughts, a diceman is not a caped crusader who fights off mobsters with steel plated die. A diceman(person) is someone who see’s possibilities and endless opportunities in every decision.

I have given you all an example of how a diceperson makes a decision. If “I” am completely honest, i wanted the dice to roll a three. I quite liked the idea of writing about tailoring communication to the masses, I could discuss meme culture, language destruction, marketing and all sorts of fun things. However, the dice fell on a 6, and here I am explaining my decision making processes.

Here is the thing, part of me wanted to do any one of the things on the list. The “main” me wanted it to be a three, but all of it was something “I” wanted to do.

Give it a try next time you go to a restaurant. When your looking at the menu, first decide what you would like. Then pick 5 other things (at random, as other choices, what ever you like). Then roll a 6 sided dice (if there is none available, there are many dice rolling websites or apps available from your smartphone). Then order whatever it has decided. Did you get the vegetarian option? Did you get something you had always wanted to try but normally couldn’t go past your “favourite”. Enjoy your new experience (hopefully)

Now apply this to…

  1. Your mood
  2. your holiday destinations
  3. your fashion sense

etc etc

If you do try this, leave me a comment about your experiences! Or if you already are or know a diceman, i’d love to hear from you!

Likes and shares would be lovely as well!

Thanks again!


*spelling corrected this to Satan, would you play Settlers of Satan? I would.

**I’m looking at you zebra, you crazy almost horse.


2 thoughts on “Wood for sheep?

    • ++good comrade. Due to the valiant efforts of our Eurasian Allies we had a stunning victory over Eastasia! This brings us one step closer towards our inevitable victory! BB BB BB


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