The truly courageous of us,

are those willing to embrace who they wish to be

to make their own choices without the fuss

to embrace oneself is the key


But this does not mean those who fight the good fight

are not ones to be considered courageous,

those willing to live or to die to protect what is right,

they are also truly ones to be remembered in greatness .


This is not to say that those overthrowing a great power,

are not also doing what they think is just

history sides with the victor, the lost in flower

those who fight do so because they must.


Agreeing with all definitions

courage itself can be within all

from the single parent to the crowd willing in placation

courage to act and able to answer the call





via Daily Prompt: Courage


Update on Diceman rants!


Its a day late but my latest rant is online.

Check it out in the “diceman rants” tab on the main site

It doesn’t let me separate posts. So my rants are all gonna be together in one big long page of rant-fun

So i may close the tab eventually, but anyway, check it out!


Aches and pains.

A long day being a worker

makes for succinct myalgia,

a twinge in my popliteal fossa,

a lingering cephalgia,

a fatigue not unlike somnolence,

and an verboseness inconsiderate to my audience.




The joy of tending to the soil

of seeing the life bud anew,

is beauteous and worth the toil

Even if only a single plant I grew.


This plant did grow strong

overtaking its fellows, its fruits did prosper.

Its offspring knew where to belong

taking all the nutrients they could muster.


Now this plant can own the garden

Left alone, it dominates all the rest

If unchecked it will only darken

the garden that I wish blessed.


So passed the plant that overwhelmed

my whole garden, taking all

leaving none, it is now culled

devastated, I went back to that weird plant stall.

via Daily Prompt: Tend

A new tab!

I have started a new tab!

I will be posting a weekly rant on here, most likely to be published every Sunday/Monday (still figuring out the best time to have it up)

All content is either my opinion, an opinion that I have forced (thanks dice) or something that has been requested to be covered

Some may offend, some may confuse, most will be off-topic and not logical

As always, lets start a discussion if you agree/disagree with what is said.




As a shaft of light shines thru the cracks of my curtains

looking down I see a body wasting away.

Food is ever so plentiful

but the body lacks nourishment.

Water be ever so available

but the thirst is not present.

My body takes on exercise every day

but it lacks in spirit to gain its fruition.

All five senses are hard at work

and though I can see, I do not.

A purposeless existence is one to fear

but in an infinite universe, what purpose can stand against it?