On identity

Evening all.

For this evening rant, I have decided to discuss ones “identity”. This is closely related to self-labeling or self-descriptive.

I have quite conflicted opinions about labels. Intellectually, I understand that human beings cannot understand something (concept, color, animal, self etc) without understanding what that something is not. For example, I am human because I am not a horse, or the grass is green and by implication it is not red/blue/black etc

So the tenancy to self-label or label others is an intellectual process to determine that because x is x, and i am not x then i must be y is one that makes sense.


Morally, ethically, emotionally (etc) I find labels to be very ineffective in what they are for. If one self-labels then in doing so you are immediately trying to separate yourself from others by giving yourself a label, which places you in a separate quadrant to those who do not label themselves in the same way. However, labels that describe physical traits are considered racist, labels that describe sexual traits are sexist, self-labels that describe characteristics are empowering etc. These all act to separate, create hate, create negativity or differences between two humans.

That is just it though. We are all human. Made up of billions of cells that die, are reborn, create and shape our bodies based off of DNA and RNA. We are all alive (until we are not) even though our cells are made up of dead things.

No matter how we self-label we are all human. The majority of people seek to remove hate against groups, hate against religions and so forth. If we didn’t label these things, and simply call ourselves human, I’m quite sure things would be better off.

Finally, no matter what the label is, its usage can always offend someone. Words have different meanings based on context and who is communicated it (and to). I had to describe an incident today (a theft in the shop) and was asked to describe the person who committed the crime. Among some other descriptive words I mentioned the guy was caucasian. The police person on the phone corrected me (somewhat abruptly, maybe harshly but that’s neither here or there) to fair-skinned. I wasn’t aware (please correct me as necessary) that calling someone caucasian was a discriminatory act. (if anything, upon further research it may be a confusing term, as colloquially it describes those of fair European descent, but in actuality it can refer to those ranging from white to dark brown skin tones but of a certain skeletal type…the more you know!)

Either way, rant is done, peace and all that


A structualist

Who am I to judge

your presence of mind

to, if at least playfully nudge

my identity, without which i am blind.


Alas, in truth this was not how I wished

to express myself in a stringent manner

If I could dance, sing or paint I’d be so blessed

My prose must suffice, its voice a clamour.


Even though everything has already been written

different interpretations of the same still exist

the self already has been smitten

and in writing I may resist


The urge to stay true to form

the desire to adhere to function

stay with the crowd, provide the norm

Identical to others, I seek placation.



via Daily Prompt: Identical


“Happiness, the pursuit of which humankind spent its entire short life chasing. By the time they found it there was no time to enjoy it, and even this were for the lucky few that made it past 80 years old”

Gasp! The room of students were shocked

“Teacher, they only lived to 80? Thats crazy, my parents are 530 years old, how come people used to live such short lives?

“Yes, good question Portguas. Before we discovered the science that extends our lifetime, it was very rare to live past 80 years. Many people died of sickness or conflicts at even earlier ages. Some even died before they were even eighteen!

“But thats almost as old as us, thats a little bit scary to think of”

“Put it aside! Smile and appreciate. This is all ancient history, the average lifespan of humanity is 1500 years, thanks to the serum, that modifies our DNA to prevent aging. It is only possible to pass away from violence, and with our extended lives war and violence is unheard of.”

Sir? What is war?

“I can cover that in the next history lesson. For now lets move onto private study. Open your text books to the chapter “Wellness starts from your choice” and continue reading in silence”

Yes teacher!


At the first sign

I asked my passenger

Is it this one?

Nervously, he signs the negative


At the second sign

I hesitate and murmer

Attention clearly isnt fun

head still down, mind inactive.


At the third sign

Annoyed, addressing the cur

HERE? Startled, and a bit stun’d

No? Bugger it I’m done.


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This is a word that I clearly did not know the actual meaning of. From a young age, and until now, I was under the impression that “discombobulated” would be the kind of word shouted at you after a particularily gory finisher in Mortal Kombat (prefered version on the Mega Drive, or the Amiga).

It exuded gore, and evokes images of carnage and mayhem that, due to years of video game immersion, no longer affects me in ways of convulsion.

In reality, to “discombobulate” someone is to confuse, frustrate, otherwise discomfort someone. It is a verb so its something you actively need to do to someone else. Like tagging someone in 50 memes about tide pods would be to discombobulate (you know who you are).

What other words do you know of that have meanings different to what you expect?

Or, does the word take on new meaning as it is used in a different way to what it was originally designed to be or holding two ambivalent meanings? (such as terrific)


It is what it is.

The phrase “it is what it is” takes me to a place of Nihilism, but in actuality is more closely relates to absurd-ism

“It is what it is” generally refers to something which, beyond sense and logic, exists as it is. This is certainly constrained to a contextual viewpoint (such as a political ideal or belief system).

For example: I might comment on the state of the australian (or american) political environment saying “It is what it is”

In my context, thats me just saying “I get its dumb, and I completely understand that it shouldn’t work, but that just what it is and I need to accept it.

The absurdist understands that the universe doesn’t make sense. Humanity exists in a senseless, purposeless chaotic mess of random photons/particles and so forth. In light of this, if the senseless occurs, it makes sense (paradoxically) because in a chaotic space the senseless occurs so trusting the senses is absurd (see how this goes around in circles?)


There is more to it then this. Absurdists accept that the paradoxical search for meaning is relentlessly pointless in our purposeless world, this is true, but they also embrace what life has to offer. The absurd is happening everywhere, so learn to embrace it and gain whatever purposeless joy is available.

Eat that whole tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream

Take that trip to Tibet

Marry that random person on the Vegas Strip

IF purpose exists then I doubt it could be understood by humanity as it is now (if we could understand it we already would) so searching for it is rolling a 6 sided die and waiting for it to land on 7.


Myself, I prefer to take the stance of the Cheerful Nihilist, perhaps I will speak more on this in the future.



<It is what it is> via impromptu social media survey