It is what it is.

The phrase “it is what it is” takes me to a place of Nihilism, but in actuality is more closely relates to absurd-ism

“It is what it is” generally refers to something which, beyond sense and logic, exists as it is. This is certainly constrained to a contextual viewpoint (such as a political ideal or belief system).

For example: I might comment on the state of the australian (or american) political environment saying “It is what it is”

In my context, thats me just saying “I get its dumb, and I completely understand that it shouldn’t work, but that just what it is and I need to accept it.

The absurdist understands that the universe doesn’t make sense. Humanity exists in a senseless, purposeless chaotic mess of random photons/particles and so forth. In light of this, if the senseless occurs, it makes sense (paradoxically) because in a chaotic space the senseless occurs so trusting the senses is absurd (see how this goes around in circles?)


There is more to it then this. Absurdists accept that the paradoxical search for meaning is relentlessly pointless in our purposeless world, this is true, but they also embrace what life has to offer. The absurd is happening everywhere, so learn to embrace it and gain whatever purposeless joy is available.

Eat that whole tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream

Take that trip to Tibet

Marry that random person on the Vegas Strip

IF purpose exists then I doubt it could be understood by humanity as it is now (if we could understand it we already would) so searching for it is rolling a 6 sided die and waiting for it to land on 7.


Myself, I prefer to take the stance of the Cheerful Nihilist, perhaps I will speak more on this in the future.



<It is what it is> via impromptu social media survey




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