via impromptu social media survey


This is a word that I clearly did not know the actual meaning of. From a young age, and until now, I was under the impression that “discombobulated” would be the kind of word shouted at you after a particularily gory finisher in Mortal Kombat (prefered version on the Mega Drive, or the Amiga).

It exuded gore, and evokes images of carnage and mayhem that, due to years of video game immersion, no longer affects me in ways of convulsion.

In reality, to “discombobulate” someone is to confuse, frustrate, otherwise discomfort someone. It is a verb so its something you actively need to do to someone else. Like tagging someone in 50 memes about tide pods would be to discombobulate (you know who you are).

What other words do you know of that have meanings different to what you expect?

Or, does the word take on new meaning as it is used in a different way to what it was originally designed to be or holding two ambivalent meanings? (such as terrific)



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