“Happiness, the pursuit of which humankind spent its entire short life chasing. By the time they found it there was no time to enjoy it, and even this were for the lucky few that made it past 80 years old”

Gasp! The room of students were shocked

“Teacher, they only lived to 80? Thats crazy, my parents are 530 years old, how come people used to live such short lives?

“Yes, good question Portguas. Before we discovered the science that extends our lifetime, it was very rare to live past 80 years. Many people died of sickness or conflicts at even earlier ages. Some even died before they were even eighteen!

“But thats almost as old as us, thats a little bit scary to think of”

“Put it aside! Smile and appreciate. This is all ancient history, the average lifespan of humanity is 1500 years, thanks to the serum, that modifies our DNA to prevent aging. It is only possible to pass away from violence, and with our extended lives war and violence is unheard of.”

Sir? What is war?

“I can cover that in the next history lesson. For now lets move onto private study. Open your text books to the chapter “Wellness starts from your choice” and continue reading in silence”

Yes teacher!


7 thoughts on “#1

      • I can see that reference now that you mention it. Doing a post a weekend is a good way to make a novel I think. I am trying to write a novel and have a couple of chapters. My challenge is writing everyday. I also really like the description of the math teacher.
        You might really like this short video.


      • At the moment im trying to write towards my book about twice a week, and im posting it up each sunday night. Writing every day definately helps as well, just for practice or for reflection for sure ๐Ÿ™‚


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