Forced perspective

You may of noticed in recent posts the influence of very existentialist ideas(and off branch/similar schools of thought).

There is a reason for this.

I could feign ignorance or save face by suggesting it was centred around a deeper search for meaning, that it arose from an urge to explore my place in the world.

It was not this.

At the start of march I wrote down a list of 6 schools of thought, that I would adhere to as closely as I could over the month. These were

1. Scientific focus

2. Religious zealot

3. Existential philosopher

4. Emotional intellectual

5. Grammarian

6. Dice advocator

And i forced my perspective into that frame this month. Its been interesting.

Would you like to suggest some frames of mind to explore for next month? I will be rolling on it soon 🙂

Til next time, find happiness in this vast cosmos we are in.



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