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After class I was cleaning up the desks around the room. The children certainly know how to mess up the room. Pens and papers littered the floors, especially around Nirvana’s desk, which presents a mess as an artform. It may of been my distraction that allowed me to fail to sense the presence of two suited persons awaiting my attention by the door.

They were sporting “wellness squad badges” and their facial expressions beamed positivity enough to intoxicate.

Startled, I switched my attention over to them.

“Greetings and salutations officers! What an amazing day it is to be alive!”

“Greetings citizen. You were filmed teaching children about the concept of death. Lessons about history and mortality breeds negativity. Please explain your actions”

“Knowing how bad things were in the past, and how humanity has progressed will grant a higher level of appreciate for the beauty of life”

“Deviation from the core values of optimism, wellness and smiles is in direct violation of your position and a negative thing to do. Consider this a warning. Have an amazing day!”

“Always! Appreciate the message. May your day be wonderous!”

At that, they both spun on their heels, and quickly strode from the room.

It wasnt always like this, harbouring the only real thoughts in your head and projecting this fake persona to the world. It was only the last 300 years or so that optimism was passed into law. Being careful how you speak and your facial expressions is important and slipping up can lead to dire circumstances.

This is certainly more apparent to be seen working for the department of knowledge. A fanciful name at best, what is taught here is indoctrination. There is some leeway here and at least I get to influence the next generation, small though it may be. My quality of life is also significantly better then your average worker, let alone the poor sods living below the city.


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