On passion

So a friend of mine told me the secret to successful writing (and success in other areas) was to be passionate about what you are doing.

Now, I know what they were trying to say, without drive most projects fail before starting.

But I hate the word passionate, and the implications it has for giving advice.

Anyone who is already passionate about a project does not need to hear that as advice, and anyone who is not passionate about a project is not helped by being told they have to “love” the project to get it done.

Passion for something cannot be switched on/off, nor can it be achieved thru effort. In love-making, telling your partner to be passionate won’t make them a better lover, if anything it would create anxiety. If they did not already have that passion towards you, then you telling them to won’t make it magically appear.

There are many things in life that we must do without passion. Its unfortunate but how many of you are working in a job you dislike so you can progress thru your studies? How many of you are working at a job you hate but working towards a promotion that you will like? Or sustaining a family? These are things that do not require passion for the project/job, but need a drive towards a greater purpose/goal.

Either way, please don’t tell me to be passionate. That is not a learned behaviour, but an observable one. It is not something that can achieved by focusing on it. Better yet, tell me to find my passion. Then we can talk

Well, we can always talk, but who will listen?



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