Daily poem #5

Blinded by the light

After which all seemed as night

And in the darkness I knew no fright

As seeing is believing after all.


Two birds with one stone

A lucky shot from this old crone

With the birds gone I sit alone.

As they wont approach a madmen throwing rocks.


Daily poem #4

Looking upon the mess

That is my distractions

I wonder what I repress

To live like I have eternal concussions


Perhaps tonight I craft organisation

Into this chaotic room I declare a pit

After sorting, where to put my publication?

we’ll burn that bridge when we get to it.

Diceman sayeth #3

There is many things to learn from the children in this world.

Recognise that children are have masterful adaptive qualities. It only takes seeing children play and watching them take on roles at a moments notice.

“Ill be the monster you be the hero”

“ill be a fireman, you be a dog being rescued”


So why is it as adults we unlearn this behaviour? Is it because we are taught to be just “ourselves” and we lose this capacity to adapt new roles?

Why cant I spend an afternoon as a nun, and an evening as an astronaut?

Cast a die, live a lie.

Daily poem #3


Hast thee

lost thy senses!

Cease before the king!

Indifference to the noblest crown

is punishable by a swift beheading.



I cannot!

for in stopping

I would create peril

for both this noble kingdom

and all who dwell in peace.


For a dragon follows my path

its maws are razor sharp

teeth like massive greatswords

his anger volcanic

I fear



Laughing, the guard did not budge

his loyalty swayed by none

save the kings judgement.

To this day

his bones




Let me be seen!

From the tips to the obscene

Im needed! Im clean!

Wait!? What do you mean?


Still not being seen?

Not even one little gleen

Into my existence, my evergreen?

Oh… then I am out of steam.