My first villanelle

I wanted to branch out and try some other forms of poetry. While I enjoy haiku and free form poetry I want to try something else too. So here is my first attempt at an villanelle

In his folly he was deceived

He felt true love, and fought himself

In knowing this, his heart was beseiged


Unwillingly he was perceived

created distance like a monstrous gulf

In his folly he was deceived


Seeing her with another, his mind was cleaved

he prayed he could put his thoughts on a shelf

In knowing this, his heart was beseiged.


Laying bear his soul, he felt not reprieved

She led him astray, his hope lying to himself

In his folly, he was deceived


Over time this hope subsided

Against his wishes, she left him with only half

In knowing this, his heart was beseiged


The man mourned his loss of need

After reflection wondering how to repair himself

In his folly he was deceived

In knowing this, his heart was beseiged


The creaking joints

Those blank staring eyes

The toys are coming alive

A nightmare I truly despise


Silently they stalk before me

A tinkle of a piano and wind chimes

Nothing is more creepy

Except perhaps the gaze of mimes.

Still can’t sleep

I stare into the chasm of my self

the canvas to which I create

listens only when the wind slows

and the moon stalks my waking dreams


Mindful of my impeding slumber

a twitch in the knee, an ache in the eye

as if to propagate a series of thoughts

and subjugate my tired internal clock.


Avast, for my mind doth seek silence

infiltrated though, by fabricated anxiety

until such a time that the veil falls

and finally, sleep takes hold.

Universal brain theory

Ever been in a stressful or anxious situation, lets say “end of year exams”, and the absolute unthinkable happens. You are doing pretty well, but when you get to key question for the exam (the one you need to pass to succeed), you have no idea what it even means. You rack you brain, trying to figure it out. Then in a sudden blast of inspiration the answer hits you! Just like that.

Sound familiar?

Perhaps your a public speaker, you’ve prepared some notes and your passionate about your subject matter. It all rolls of your tongue. Your going great, following your prepared speech. All of a sudden you forget the entire English language! You flounder, pause and try to breath. An idea pops into your head, one you hadn’t prepared and you go with it. The speech is a success, and you have no idea where that idea even came from.

Lets discuss universal brain theory.

Feel free to google it first, because you won’t find this there. I credit my father for coining the term for me years ago, but I also like the idea of calling it inter-connectivity brain theory.

The above scenarios have a couple of important things in common, in both situations stress was a factor, and the other thing is that information that was not known became known for an unexplained reason.

What is information exactly? At least in the brains sense, information is stored and received via the neural network. This information is clumped together into groups of neutrons and electricity is a catalyst for releasing the information (or creating a memory for example).

What if, in moments of stress, the brain was able to pick up electricity from outside sources… say the thoughts of a person sitting 3 metres away? Its already proven that electricity can travel thru atmosphere or without wires in the air (thanks Nikola Tesla), and the brain is an complicated organ that uses electricity to create/interpret information. Couldn’t this create a possibility that one could pick up thoughts that others have transmitted? Thoughts that have dribbled out of the mind, into the air and picked up by someone else?

I am pretty aware that this sounds pretty half-baked. This is all in good fun, and while its an interesting concept I don’t swear by it, have evidence for it, or even truly believe it. Operating on the belief that this theory is true can create some answers to some behaviors that are troublesome to answer.

Such as “psychic” experiences. I could go into alot more on these, and the science of creating a scenario to make someone believe you can “communicate with the beyond” or something like that (look up “cold reading” if you like). What if, a “psychic” person was just someone who had slightly better capacity to receive/interpret information via electricity in the air? They aren’t communicating with the beyond, but rather communicating with some idle thoughts in the mind of the person being “read” to.

How’s about ghosts? The idea that seeing some figure in a stressed or anxious situation and attributing it to people from the beyond. What if your just seeing the image of someone elses memory, transmitted to you?

What do you think?


p.s this is probably why I shouldn’t write when I am trying to sleep :/



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The Night

When the Soleil left me in the dusk and darkness

I’ve closed my eyes hoping for the fairness

A storm wrapped my cheeks with it’s breeze

But it couldn’t make me totally freeze

A Lark heard my weeping

Warbled while I’m sleeping

Shades of evening

Glittered my feathers for shining

Drizzle in the dusking

Kissed my eyes for sparkling

I heard you breathing

Look I’m smiling…. the lark couldn’t hear me weeping

Dusk disappeared in the luminance

Felt your warmth my cheeks wrapped with blisses

Night was charming with you precious

I’ve open my eyes feeling your kisses