After my riveting discussion with those fine gents, I felt lunch would give me the uplift I needed to get thru my afternoon lessons. Walking past the monitoring rooms, the walls of the corridor leading to the canteen are plastered with motivational posters

“Reach for the skies!”

“Do today what was impossible yesterday!”

“Stay positive to stay above the ground!”

“Only the happy truly live here ^_^”

Always such an empowering hallway. Its always important to feel super amazing after walking past posters like these, even if its only externally, after all there is always someone paying attention.

Upon entering the lunchroom I found my usual crowd, They were all teachers and we liked to discuss curriculum content. We would even have quite heated debates about this from time to time.

The three of them were sitting around a square table, an empty chair seemingly available and awaiting me.

There was Niles, the math teacher. He was exactly what you would picture a man of numbers to be like. Slightly greying hair, horned spectacles (mostly for show, his sight was perfect) and usually wearing a sweater vest. Niles was a strong believer in having students unplugged and learning with pen and paper. He was a bit of a relic in that respect, but he seemed to garner a lot of respect from the students for it, even if they complain every day about it.

Next to him, laughing between gulps of stew and short breaths of conversation, was the language teacher June. She was a passionate teacher who always seemed fit to burst into laughter at any given moment. Her teaching method was generally one of “talk until someone pays attention”. Which being a language teacher, this worked well for her classrooms.

Finally, a little bit to the side, cautiously examining his lunch was Jasper, the Medical knowledge instructor. He was certainly a quiet one, though when he got talking about serum science and genetics he would talk until dawn if you let him.

As I came to sit in my spot, i joined the group part way into their conversation.

“… one of the boys tells me – It isn’t his job to know what x is, and that if the teacher doesn’t know then clearly it is unattainable knowledge

“This is clearly not positive behavior from the boy, I didn’t reprimand him, but he was escorted away a couple of minutes later. Dang efficient those Wellness Squad are indeed! He came back into class for the next lesson, happy as can be, so he must of had a good talking to”

(to be continued next sunday)


Links below for the first two weeks worth of this story!






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