A thought whilst I sushi train

I have often been labelled “analytical” in my approach to problem solving. While I shall not refute this (certainly not to the extent of confrontation) I seek now to re-establish my label.

I would prefer to be called observant.

Whats the difference you ask?

I consider someone who is analytical to be metric focused. They prefer to gather the data before considering the options. While I do have an acuity when it comes to reporting or data, I generally would prefer to seek wider range of sources to solve my problems. Gather a group of people, have them discuss it and watch hows solutions unfold.

Additionally, I visable see most peoblems/opportunities arise from behavioural sources, rather then a need to pin it down to a metric.

Completely understand if this all is irrelevant to anything, I simply wished to potentially clarify my position for future communicative efforts.



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