On being a diceman #1

You may have figured out from the blog title and other cues that I seem to have an obsession with dice. I am here now to refute this thought of yours, my actual obsession is with chance.

No not the monopoly one (though it does operate on a similar level)

Rather, embracing chance and understanding how it influences everything around us all.

Recently I have touched up upon essentialism (short definition: all beings are inherantly born with purpose, usually imbued from a higher power). This lost favour around the 1920’s and was existisentialism rose in popularity (we create our own purpose and are not inherantly born with meaning).

Understanding and embracing chance bridges the gap between these two ideas. It allows the non-pious to cover their arse and gain a degree of spirituality.

Being non-religious myself, my perception of religious ideas are one of prose and interpretation. A person wrote the bible, another group of people expanded on it, interpreted it, and thought it would be a blooming good idea to use it to amass wealth.

If there is a god I do not believe that any person could interpret or directly communicate with “god” so nothing humanity produces is related to gods will.


If we assume a “kind benevolent god” that is omnipotent and omnipresent then “god” then they would know how a dice falls, and its repercussions.

So. If I say… roll a die, and if it falls odd I eat pizza, if it falls even I eat salad. An omnipotent god having it fall on a three tells me “enjoy a meal and eat for pleasure”.

And if there is no god, then its just a random chance, and a bit of fun.

Which is ok too.

In future blogs I will continue this on with how chance can influence your decision making process, and how it can expand both your capacity to adapt and experiences as a whole.



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