(This is a work in progress, I suggest you read #1 #2 #3 before continuing the story from here, if you have not already done so)


June jumped in

“We are looking at taking out the prefixes un and de across the entire curriculum. Soon surprise guests (June had a way of talking in italics that very few can mimic) will replace the uninvited. There is too much pessimism in words starting with un in particular. Unexpected, unintentional, destabilise and such words carry too many feelings of mistakes or not appreciating whats life in all its splendor. Huge steps are being taken everyday to further the frontiers of optimistic communication”

June was what i would call a child of the new world. She was only 196 so she didn’t know what the world was like pre-serum. Brimming with pride and not a single repressed thought or emotion, I don’t think she has the capacity to comprehend being unhappy, fear or even death, and how these things can affect your overall mood.

Frankly, I am just a tad jealous of her, it takes alot of effort to maintain a positive image 24 hours a day. Forcing myself to grin and smile to holo-ads, laughing on cue is important as well. Let alone watching what you say and how, a simple slip of the tongue showing displeasure or lacking appreciation can put you in the Wellness squads black books and lose you your serum-subscription very quickly.

Finally, Jasper noticed my arrival

“Ah, exhilarating that you could join us for lunch Beach, I was afraid your history lesson went awry”

“It went well Jasper”  I said, “But always opportunities!. The Wellness squad found my curriculum about life expectancy somewhat morbid. I stand by it though,without an understanding of the conditions of the past, the appreciation for today is only surface level, or habitual. I want the students to have a true grasp of how good they have it and having a comparison point is vital for that”

Once again, June jumped in.

“Completely agree with the Wellness squad on this one Beach, they really know their stuff! People don’t need to know about such topics like death and war. How can anyone expect to be happy knowing such things used to exist?”

Jasper piped in

“If you end up teaching you planned lessons on war history you will end up in rehabilitation. We are fortunate we are government workers, even mentioning some of these topics outside of this building would be risky. What if one of your students starts blurting out things about death in the streets?”

and then they come to my optimistic language lessons and I have to work it out of their vocabulary. You could be teaching much more useful content Beach”

“Indeed June! thank you for the feedback”

The conversation gently dribbled away at this point, and I made sure to take some notes (its always important to take notes, so people see you value what they told you). The rest of lunch was consumed in relative silence, with the general clatter and clank of dishes the backdrop for small snippets of conversation.



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