Diceman sayeth #2

he asked me why I was urinating on the side of my passenger side tyre in front of the police station

I said, whatever may pass for legal behaviour in the bush, shall indeed be passed as legal behaviour in the city. To deny this is to deny the rights of the common man, and an affront to my very existence as a human being!

On the plus side, the cell I stayed in that night was a single cell with no buddies to keep me company.


Daily poem #1

Seek you the path of the wise

Of an enlightened life.

I watch and see the men sitting on mountains

Or with heads buried in books

and those who dance on the edge of a knife.


Fools! I gift all with wisdom

look around, feel the wind on your cheek.

Laugh with others, live and breath

To seek wisdom elsewhere is to deny

the beauty that I made that week!

Dicemaned sayeth #1

The search for the self is depressing and inevitably unachievable as we base our self on comparisons of others (which is ever changing and unrealistic). Only when we are in multiplicity and are able to adopt many selves at once do we find happiness… or at least fun. The wise are only wise when they play the fool, and the fool is happy to be the fool.

On foreign soils

Our hearts we left on the shores

of foreign lands we endured

We brave ones passed the veil

For a future of a land ensured.


Though we only last in memory

Our steps were taken knowing

Our families live on and prosper

The children can keep on growing.


Touring the world

Experiences unfold

Its worth more then gold

Ill do it before im old

Or before my bones cannot move in the cold

And though mother my scold

Seeing this world lets my stories be told!