Diceman sayeth #4

In the beginning was chance, and chance said to a cluster of bacteria “wake up and do something”.

And it did.

Chance watched the bacteria grow (somewhat creepily) long enough that it became a man.

Chance gave the man two things, reason and whim. In his folly the man rejected whim and lived only for reason. He searched for reason in everything.

In his search for reason he built up his land, accumulated wealth and power. His life was predictable and controllable.

The world was vast and reason unattainable and after many years the man was miserable.

He lived his twilight years surrounded by wealth but devoid of wisdom, and passed into history without an utterance worthy of remembrance.

Embrace reason but forget not the beauty of whim. Whim drives new experiences and allows for more diverse experiences. Talk to that stranger, eat that weird green thing, spend a day as a moose. You wont regret it.



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