I started looking at a concrete roof.

A box, a plane, a trip I made

A birthday party, the day I met her.

She was two, I couldnt speak but she loved me anyway.


Stuffing was my center and I watched her grow.

From two to five to ten did she mature.

One day she left and a hug did I not recieve.

But a box to sit in, and left with my memories.


I woke in a little corner shop.

My ear fraying, my chest loose.

An age I sat, watching other little children pass.

Unable to talk, watching, filled with nostolgia.


A decade or two I sat

Sometimes here and sometimes there

The girl was no longer that, but I still remember.

Her smile, her mirth.


I was bought today!

A woman was she now

A gift for puppy, my innards revealed

Though she didnt recognise me

I was back again in her life.


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