Community prompt: Leadership morals and adverse affects on parental guidance strategies

Being a parent is difficult, the variety of adaptations and stress’s that need to be considered in raising a child are innumerable and plentiful. Add onto this, the idea that parental studies from even five year ago are somewhat obsolete in this exponentially changing world, and these stress’s are even greater.

For even an toddler or primary school student, there is an abundance of information at the literal fingertips of a child, and monitoring this is difficult. The sheer magnitude of idiocracy in the political realm is mindboggling, and something that I would not be able to explain to myself, let alone a child.

Similarly, explaining why it isn’t alright to lie to a child when the media is awash with fervent lying is difficult. I would advocate for a combination of limitation and explanation.

I.e. dont let your child watch every trump speech, perhaps just once in a while, and be at hand to try to explain away some of the crazy.

Hopefully the times that you can do this will give your child the tools necessary to interpret the abundance of information about it on the internet.

Other potential strategies for dealing with information overload are…

1. Abstinence. Highly not recommended. This is when you cut off all access to the internet media. While it does solve the problem it alienates the child from the issues, and the abstinence will eventually be black market style, and to a worse degree.

2. Reflection. Having your child keep a journal or diary of things they have learnt, and getting them to explain it to you regularly, can allow you to monitor or at least filter some of the media madness.

Personally, I feel somewhat blessed over this, the australian prime minister being a complete non-personality that I would struggle to find anything he said of value.

Thanks for the prompt! I know it took a while but I get distracted haha


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