Relectantly I
Amass an expanding wealth
At the cost of worth

Hey guys,

This one comes from my general mood about my work. I enjoy my work, at least at a social level, but find that too much of my time goes into working/recovering from work that I lose the valuable time I should be writing… or reflecting.

Cheers for visiting my page!




Upon this path I stand conflicted

Behind a pain too great, ahead a stray hope

Each step a journey

seen with a weather stained telescope.


Laden with burdens taken willingly

Begrudgingly I remember how I couldnt cope

Adding more weight to my shoulder

Back arched, yet I trudge higher up this slope.


A dawn rises and I feel priviledged

There was a time my only course, a rope

So every day away from the gurney

Is a day I shall not mope.


Even if every step was not taken merrily

Each new day breathes imagery like a kaleidoscope

and another chance to grow ever older

Makes this grand journey worth its wide scope.


I started looking at a concrete roof.

A box, a plane, a trip I made

A birthday party, the day I met her.

She was two, I couldnt speak but she loved me anyway.


Stuffing was my center and I watched her grow.

From two to five to ten did she mature.

One day she left and a hug did I not recieve.

But a box to sit in, and left with my memories.


I woke in a little corner shop.

My ear fraying, my chest loose.

An age I sat, watching other little children pass.

Unable to talk, watching, filled with nostolgia.


A decade or two I sat

Sometimes here and sometimes there

The girl was no longer that, but I still remember.

Her smile, her mirth.


I was bought today!

A woman was she now

A gift for puppy, my innards revealed

Though she didnt recognise me

I was back again in her life.

A need to create your own meaning

Butterfly off the shelves

Caterpillar and plywoods

Bees s’ants and crickets


Food from the beginning of the circle

Which is also the end

an endless butterfly spreads its wings


Lands on toast

Crumbs falling in a glass

A timeless hunger


A spicey mood

Tempted by cumin forth

Chilli I am, a sweater in need.

O woe is my condition

As I grasp for a gasp of air

pressure wells and wells

a heart filled with despair

sickness struck from the fells.


The glutinous mass comes from this shell

absorbs and consumes all that remain

with a cough and a wheeze I try to expel

this weight off my chest does not wane.


A dizziness rocks and feigns stupor

Oblivion! The world crashes and tries to spew

I am told to be strong, to be a trooper

I fear this is folly, for I have man flu.