A little about me

I’ve been writing content for this blog for… oh about eight months now, and I haven’t really written much about myself (the blog was really a space to practice poetry, writing stories or thoughts) but today I think I want to write something about myself.


So when I was a toddler (well, about one and a half, so infant?) I was sitting in a high chair and fell backwards, falling into a glazed window and cracking it with my head. Supposedly, after this I did not cry, but laughed. There are two conclusions that I have as to why this occurred; The first conclusion being I suffered from minor brain damage and did not have the capacity to tell anyone about it, the second conclusion is my apparent early signs of being a optimist and seeing the best in any situation.


At the tender age of 31 I sit here in front of my computer (windows, never a mac) and I wholeheartedly believe that its the optimism that keeps me happy and going. Did I suffer from a concussion at a young age and has it affected me? Who knows, doubtful, but who knows.


I have a common saying in my workplace, it usually occurs from the following (sort) of dialogue

“Your always so chipper and happy Ed” <customer>

“That’s because my lungs still work” <Me>

“Oh…ok then, that’s a wonderful attitude to have” <customer>

I could tell you that a part of that is my “customer service persona”, but in reality I live by the ideology of “every day is a blessing”

If you wake up today, it could be worse so enjoy it. Do you have a roof to sleep under, with electricity, can you afford food? Then there are others who would dream of such things, and appreciating that is always my default stance for this world.

It helps even more to be surrounded by friendly faces, a loving partner who makes great food (gone are the days of microwave noodles, ham/cheese sandwiches or just a boiled egg) and a job I don’t necessarily hate.

Stay positive, and thanks for visiting my site!



(photo is from my trip to Niagara falls, I was so very very soaking haha)






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