A naked man rages at the sun

for cursing his village and ruining crops

for little did he know

it is a ball of nuclear fission, incapable of such things.


So too did the “learned” man despair

at the fate of his pupil, the leeches balancing the humours

but with no avail, the phlegm and bile was ongoing

the leeches had no control over the fate of the young one.


A drunken man shouts and screams at the screens

as another announcement from the nation’s leader riles

unaware perhaps that the tv does not listen (at least for now)

and ignorant of the meaninglessness of policy on individuals.


In calmness we take up arms

with pen and paper as our weapons

we challenge the few, whomever we see as threats

not with violence, but with truth

for in knowledge does the soul be set free and the emotions calmed

for the children of the future will know of our perils, and how the best them.



thanks for the typo pickup pendanty šŸ™‚


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