Delusions (work commenced and in progress)

It was a story as old as time itself

Boy meets girl

Girl was interested by boy

Boy behaved and fell in love

Girl also fell in love

Boy goes mad and flees the country


I kept telling myself it was the right thing to do, she was too far above me to even see the bottom of her feet. I was only an intern, at a lousy company, that would never amount to anything.

So I sat in the airport departure lounge counting the minutes until the plane. Madrid. I’d taken my life savings to start a new life. We had always talked about Madrid, I knew enough Spanish to ask where the toilet was, and if I could have a beer. The important phrases that would land me a job in the city of our dreams.

I hoped the visions would stop, I told myself

“She drove you mad, but now you’ve fled, so stop being mad now”

“I can’t exactly just forget being mad can I?”

“Well no, but at the very least, can you stop talking to yourself? People are starting to stare”

“I gotta practice my internal monologue then, because I have much to discuss with myself”

“This is the final boarding call for flight PRD73 to Madrid, can all passengers please make their way to the boarding gate?”

As I looked around there was no-one left in the lounge apart from myself, the flight stewardess was looking right at me, perhaps she found me attractive?

When I got up I wondered how the voice managed to be in italics, I had always been interested in writing and wondered how to verbally format speech. I presented my passport and boarding pass to the lady, she seemed annoyed and hurriedly scanned my passport. I asked her if she was okay and did she want to talk? She knew my seat number after all.

She smiled politely and informed me she would not be on the plane Sir and that I should hurry on board or I’ll miss the flight.

I said “who’s Miss Theflight?”

and walked to the plane.


It was only a short flight of 24 hours and 30 minutes from Sydney to Madrid. I had an “Idiots guide to learning Spanish” and a bunch of magazines I found in the departure lounge. Waiting for the plane engine to warm up was rather boring, and whilst I had books to read I could never sit still until the plane was safely in the air. Looking around, my fellow passengers all looked as nervous as me, looking up, pretending to read the safety instructions, interacting with each other. A child wails behind me, wanting a chocolate, the father (presumably, I never asked for a DNA check) telling the child to wait until the flight starts, so why not play with her toys? He’s doing a good job parenting, but you can tell he is tired by the exasperated tone of his voice.

Every second I sat, she kept on creeping into my attention.

Her eyes.

Her laugh.

The way she would always hide my cutlery at restaurants to make me interact with the wait staff.

Still I told myself “there are plenty of fish to see, so get back on the fish”

The video came on all the screens for the flight safety information, the two air hostess’s were miming placing the life vest over themselves with a smile that could have been painted on by a four year old.

I chuckled to myself over that one, the man next to me looked at my with eyes that only said “Why are you laughing? Safety is important”.

How did he train his eyes to do that? Was he a OHS rep and needed them to do it?

I sat still and watched the rest of the video and tried to make my eyes talk, unsuccessfully.


After the videos the plane commenced its take-off procedures, and before I knew it we were cruising at 35,000 feet above sea level. The passenger next to me was avidly watching old sitcoms on the in-flight entertainment system, I think it was Seinfeld, because I managed to catch the beginning monologue complaining about “Whats the deal with airline food?” (the man’s headphones were set so loud I’m surprised his ear drums don’t attempt to escape via his nasal passage, though I guess they would be too big for the Eustachian tube)


<to be continued later>




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