The functions of criticism

The ardent use of grammatical;

form to break up the natural

flow of this piece, is farsical;

At best we tolerate, at worse,

we fabricate, and of course

at the functions of criticism we curse.


My top 5 FFTCG fire cards

Hi guys,

Recently I have gotten pretty into FFTCG (i’d highly suggest checking it out if your into trading card games), and I thought I would give my opinion on some cards to look out for in coming tournaments. I’ll be doing this as a weekly list for each element (potentially?)

So here they are

  1. Gadot from OPUS V: When considering useful cards, I like to consider how much value you get out of them on being played, and continuously. Gadot not only buffs your Warrior or other 2 CP forwards, but he also can give haste to a forward each turn.

Image result for fftcg images gadot

2. Belias, the Gigas from OPUS II: I LOVE belias as a sneaky combat trick. Not only does he give first strike, 1k power (can be used defensively) he can give haste to (sneaky late game offensive move)… and he lets you draw a card!

Image result for fftcg images belias

3. Vermilion Bird L’Cie Caetuna from OPUS VI: I think this card finally makes mono-fire somewhat feasible in the current market. Used to search and play an OPUS IV Bahamut or even an OPUS I Brynhildr can knock out a heavy hitter on their field (recovering the cost of playing your back-up) and the consistent affect of buffing your other summons is an added bonus.

Image result for fftcg images vermilion Bird L'Cie Caetuna

4. Ayame from OPUS V: This is a weird one for this list (I get it) but a 3 cp 7k forward with brave is already pretty good, then late game it becomes a 10k beast for no added cost. Its useful at the start and useful at the end (and it can work pretty well with OPUS V Volker too)

Image result for fftcg images ayame

5.Tellah from OPUS V: I really like Tellah, he counters mono-ice really well, he is a back-up that can break himself (if you need him gone) and running a bunch in your deck can really buff your removal capacity with his S ability.



I’m pretty aware that fire in general is under powered and is not especially doing well in tournaments right now… but I think there is potential there!

What are some of your favourites? Wants to know more about FFTCG? Ask me!


High score.

A dream furfilled, messages instilled.

The children raised, windows glazed

Who got the high score?


A book written, a wife most smitten

The world travelled, its mysteries unravelled

Who got the high score?


Found enlightenment, lived without alignment

put in another coin, “player two can join”

Who got the high score?




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