As I try to sleep I find that.
Ice stares that flow up
A design of the flaw
Deep it travels and yet
I still lay here unimpressed



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Whilst my students were immersed in private study. I engrossed myself in some private studies of my own. I had recently become engaged with the theories and stories surrounding one

John F Kennedy. One of the greatest Presidents of the United states of America of the mid 20th century, he pioneered the US peace corps, one of the longest lasting groups still active in today’s modern world, though they now go by just the peace corps. He was a strong believer in foreign policy and world-wide efforts to improve the quality of life, and his policies influenced the movements towards optimism and self-entitlement. He is famously known for his speech where he is quoted in saying

“Ask not what your country can do for you, instead ask, why should you even have to ask?”

Sparking a fervour in movements towards civil rights, JFK was also heavily involved with Soviet forces around Cuba, which is an island lost during the great debate of the early 21st century. He sent spies and citizens to Cuba to try to spread the word of optimism and democracy, and though his efforts were futile, still he persevered and tried the same in Vietnam, famously quoting

“Pay any price, bear any blessing, meet any friend, support everyone…to assure the survival and success of liberty”

Strongly believing that while he understood that America and the communists were on opposing sides, still he would befriend and help them in any way. To this day JFK’s teachings still influence modern politics, the education system and the far reaching welfare system for 4th world countries.

Though his tragic car accident cut his presidency short, he is an inspiration to the peoples of the world today. Every citizen should know of his story and aspire to be just like him in every way. Perhaps I’ll add a quote or two from his works into this evenings positivity message.


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Then I called her weird back

A panic,a cry
The dryer did not dry
a scream, I mean
we cannot if its not clean!

why not the cream cover I ask?
it is not up to the task!
the brown one is the one that matches
(who said relationships have no catches)

So until the dryer can finish its job
I’ll be up late and be a slob
Rising up and learning to be a better man
and know a pillows colour is all part of the plan.



continuation of “Delusions”

…continued from Delusions (work commenced and in progress)… read that one first for the full thing!


In the seat in-front of me, a woman was bothering the attendant for more champagne. It was one thing I could never understand about long distance traveling, that need to drink liquor while cruising at that height. My anxiety would make me not want any reason to get up, let alone alcohol forcing my bladder to do so. Just the thought of waking up the person next to me to use the loo was enough to drive my politeness meter into overdrive. Better I wait til they go so I can go, or never go.

The attendant came back with the champagne, the woman barely thanks her, and the apparent annoyance flashes in just a second on the attendants face. I smiled knowingly at her, to show my apparent understanding of the situation, she responded my ignoring my existence entirely.

“She never saw you idiot, don’t be offended”

“I get it, but surely she was annoyed by that woman’s lack of appreciation, and yet she ignored my attempts to treat her like a human?”

“Yeah yeah, your fault isn’t it? You’d better shut up before people start to stare”

I smiled at those around me staring, and quickly shifted my attention to the space directly above my head. Just what did all those knobs and buttons do?

Hours ticked by. The book had lasted me for a whole 45 minutes before it lost its grip on my attention. The in-flight magazine tempted me with “holiday destinations you’ll love” and “Adventures of a life-time”. My main form of entertainment was watching the slow then rapid decline of the sober then drunk woman in the seat in front of me. She had control for the first hour or so, but she degenerated quickly once she had gotten past the loud and boisterous step. Now she was just sitting quietly, you could tell by how she is sitting (almost leaning forward, on the edge of the seat) that she is contemplating just purging her system in reverse. Either that or she’ll just fall asleep.

I didn’t find out though, because not long after I fell asleep myself.





We have arrived at the destination sir, can you please depart the plane?

Unless you would like to take a trip to Delhi sir?


Roused by the same attendant for refused to acknowledge my existence I quickly grabbed my bag and rushed out the plane.

The excitement welled in me like… a well in a monsoon (I’d just woken up… don’t expect great metaphors).


“You don’t need to tell me that”

“I wasn’t”

“Oh okay, well you don’t so don’t okay?”

“Yep, thanks”


<To be continued>