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Another sound entered my attention, the rhythmic thudding of my neighbour at work. There was another way to make it big in this world, or at least big enough to live a better then average life, and that was in Passionate Industries. One of the larger corporate bodies, it has business ranging from advertising that can integrate with a mind for greater effect (highly technological and advanced) to legions of passion worker that dealt with the low technology mind influences, the primal act of sex that keeps the populace from revolting. The pay was good, and the only real cost was permanent infertility, a small price to pay for a life of semi-luxury.

There were certainly times that I crave that kind of attention, no matter how amazing a life its nice to lose oneself in the moment and experience a temporary rush of endorphins and adrenaline. If you were to believe the adverts from Passionate Industries, that a daily dose of adrenaline can improve your mood by over 150%, then you’d never feel depressed every again. Still I prefer to suppress my negativity with an overarching appreciation for my place in the world.

For now though, my only thought was of rest. Walking home from work, while certainly enjoyable, is also very tiring. Before I go to bed I need to record my daily positivity message, switching my attention to the wall camera I got myself into position and got ready to record.

“Beach Grafton commencing recording”…


“Taking a breath of this crisp air has reminded me of the joy that is every living moment in this beauteous city of ours. Forever remaining appreciative of the fact that my lungs are working, my mind is pure and my heart shines for all of you.”

“Stay true to your word, every person you meet can bring you joy and a positive outlook will help you overcome any challenge you face.”

“Beach Grafton, signing off”

There was an audible beep to indicate my recording had finishing and the grading of my message was beginning.

Moments later my results came in over the sound system.

“Beach Grafton… 68% rating…keep on shining…”

“Overuse of the the word joy is not suggested, and this is not a city of challenges but of character developing opportunities, take note and improve further”

Taking a mental note not to use the word “joy” for the next weeks worth of my daily messages, I sauntered off to bed. The 68% result isn’t of concern, I only needed to be at least 60% to keep my position at the ministry, but if I want to move up in the ranks I’ll need to start hitting 75% frequently, especially when it comes to quarterly citizen reviews.

Walking to bed I threw my clothes to the floor and picked up my PJ’s. The temperature set to a cool 18˚ and jumping under my sheets I hummed one of my favourite mantra’s to help me fall asleep.

stay cool, stay great, never a reason to hate

stay cool, stay happy, keep a smile and be not sloppy

stay cool, stay true, always act brand new!

Repeating this over and over in my head, I drifted off to sleep with a smile on my face.


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